Visitors: We are more than glad to hold visits from K-12 students.

12/07/2023: A new paper on describing lithium plating behavior by considering detailed inner cell structure has been directly accepted (without any revision) by the prestigious energy journal--Energy and Environmental Materials (IF=15.1). This work is a collaboration with Binghe's group. Congratulations!

11/30/2023: Our group name has been changed to "Energy Mechanics and Sustainability Laboratory" (EMSLab)! With this new name, the group has entered a transformative stage,  and gained the momentum needed to propel our group forward! Go EMSLaber!

10/08/2023: Congratulations! Jun is included in the World Top 2% Scientist List in both Single year (2023) and Career (all years) based on citations.


Jun is ranked as World Top 0.190% and 0.185% Scientist in fields of Mechanical Engineering & Transports, and Energy, respectively.

Also, our previous Ph.D. student, Prof. Binghe Liu is also included in the World Top 2% Scientist List in Single year (2023), congratulations Binghe!

08/27/2023: VESL Group's new website has bee established.