Group Members

Research Scientist

Position: Research Scientist

Postdoc entry year: May 2021; Ph.D. entry year: Aug. 2018

Dr. Gao obtained his Ph.D. degree in May 2021 under the supervision of  Prof. Jun Xu at UNC Charlotte. He got his B.S. at Beihang University major in Automotive Engineering. His research interest focuses on multi-physics and multiscale modeling of Si/C particles. Recently, he received the prestigious postdoc research award from ECS.

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Ph.D. students

Ms. Jiani Li

Position: Ph.D. student (co-advise with Prof. Terry Xu at UNC Charlotte)

Entry year: Aug. 2020

Jiani obtained her B.S. at University of Science and Technology Beijing (major in Automotive Engineering), and M.S. at Beihang University (major in Automotive Engineering). Her research interest is multiphysics modeling of Li plating.

Mr. Shuguo Sun

Position: Ph.D. student

Entry year: Aug. 2023

Shuguo obtained his B.S. at Chongqing University (major in Building and Energy), and M.S. at Imperial College London (major in Engineering Fluid Mechanics). His research interest is battery thermal safety (modeling and experiments)

Ms. Daria Vakhrusheva

Position: Ph.D. student

Entry year: Jan. 2024 (anticipated)

Daria obtained her B.S.-M.S. degree at D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (major in Chemistry, working at N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences). Her research interest is in broad area of lithium-ion batteries and the next-generation batteries.

VESL Academic Family

Prof. Binghe Liu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chongqing University


(Ph.D. student/Postdoc at VESL)

Prof. Lubing Wang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ningbo University


(Ph.D. student at VESL)

Prof. Kangpei Meng, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ningbo University of Technology


(M.S. student at VESL)

Prof. Yikai Jia, Ph.D.


Northwestern Polytech University


(Ph.D./Postdoc student at VESL)

Prof. Chunhao Yuan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Southeast University


(Ph.D./Postdoc student at VESL)

Prof. Shi Shang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Beijing Forestry University

Email: TBD

(M.S. student at VESL)

VESL Alumni